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Casting Nets Coaching

My Story

Casting Nets Coaching was established in 2020 to provide an accompaniment model of coaching based on John 21.  I help my clients continue to hear God's voice and see God's work in the goals they set out to achieve.

What We Offer

Individual Coaching

Individual coaching is a 1:1 setting to establish goals, hoped for outcomes, and working dynamics of a coaching relationship.  This type of coaching is led by the individual's hopes, dreams, and determined goals through timely relevant questions, and scriptural and prayerful reflection.

Organizational Coaching

Organizational coaching is developed through a coaching contract that establishes the purpose and desired outcomes of the organization.  This type of coaching is led through a small group approach to organizational change.  Organizational coaching allows the organization to make the necessary changes within its organization with the help of a coach to impact the direction they hope to make.


Accompaniment is the practice of walking alongside.  It means you don't have to figure things out on your own, or to do everything yourself.  Accompaniment coaching helps you navigate the challenges you or your organization face by having someone walk with you, ask relevant questions, and get you to where you hope to be.

Who We Are

Andy is a certified coach and consultant. Following a passion for helping fellow pastors, entrepreneurs, and non-profit organizations, Andy established Casting Nets Coaching to accompany individuals and organizations to live into the goals they set, and navigate the challenges they face. 

Andy carries a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Religious Studies, along with a Masters of Divinity, and even more applicable experience in individual and organizational shifts, as well as years of service managing people. 


Kevin B.

Andy is supportive, first and foremost, by reminding me that I am a good pastor and getting me to buy into it.  It is something I am still learning to understand, and a support that I need, and a support that I need.  Andy is also supportive by focusing on a holistic focus, keeping me at the center..”

December 2021

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